Brain Spotting

Brainspotting  is a powerful, mindfulness-based, brain/body focused treatment that works by identifying, processing, and releasing stored neurophysiological trauma and pain, which, when untreated, results in a variety of symptoms in humans. Trauma can accumulate and be stored in frozen "trauma capsules" within the deep regions of the brain. A Brain Spot is accessed through eye positioning that correlates with these "capsules" of stored negative energy. Brainspotting goes directly to these deeper places within the brain much more quickly and effectively than many traditional therapies.

Along with certain somatic (body) cues, the therapist and client are able to access these places and allow the frozen fragments of information to begin to be dissolved. Together the therapist and client are present moment by moment, to safely witness the brain "downloading" in its own unique way, whatever is being released from the system. The client is assisted in observing what happens without becoming overwhelmed by the experience or having to revert to disconnecting as a way to manage the experience. The therapist literally and emotionally holds the "spot" and a safe space for the client as the processing continues until over the course of the therapy, all activation has been drained from the system.

This process is further enhanced during the session, as the client listens to specially designed music/sound that provides bilateral stimulation alternatively to the right and left hemisphere of the brain to facilitate optimal processing.

It is important to understand that Brainspotting is done in such a way the client is not re-traumatized by reliving the original experience. The mindful attention between the client and the therapist allows for a safe space as Brainspotting dismantles the trauma, symptom, somatic/body distress, and outdated beliefs so new, more adaptive resources can develop.

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