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When I begin working with clients, I listen to their narrative, their story about themselves. Most clients talk about “a part of me wants this… but a part of me wants this other thing”. Sometimes they say “I struggle with…or when….” These statements usually represent the inner self trying to resolve a conflict between an old belief (the hi-jacked limbic system) and your present day brain (pre-frontal cortex).

To process and understand what is happening within your system, I use the theory of “Parts Work” which is relevant whether I am working with the individual, family systems, or the dynamics within a couple. This journey is never static, it is always changing and evolving depending on the depth of insight achieved. 

 At the core of every session is understanding your window of tolerance, when you are in your optimal zone, and when you have been triggered into hyper or hypo arousal (Fight/flight/freeze). Hyper/hypo arousal is where we go to understand “which part of self is running the show”.

We will explore somatically how you have been triggered, ie, where you feel it in your body. As you know, some memories are encoded in your limbic/emotional system, but memories can also be encoded in your physical body.

Skills to be learned during therapy will include healthy communication techniques, and ways to calm your nervous system allowing you to remain in your optimal zone to process the situation with your adult brain, not your hi-jacked brain.

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